Application Insights HockeyApp Bridge

If you use HockeyApp, you can record telemetry via the HockeyApp SDK. However the crashes and events collected aren’t much use locked up in HockeyApp, they could be put to much better use in Azure Application Insights. A full blown analytics platform, with its own explorer and ability to export the data. If you want to keep the data long term, or perform your own analysis elsewhere, this is a recommended way to extract your data from Hockey App.

HockeyApp Token

Before we go to Azure to setup the bridge, first we need to create a Token in Hockey App. I will assume you already have an app created. Go to your Account Settings.


Now go to Token, and create a new Token. You will be given a token once you press Create.


Creating The Bridge

Next, go to the Azure Portal and add a new resource. Search for Application Insights.

Select the HockeyApp bridge application. Then enter your Token. Click away from the token box and once it shows a green tick, you can select your HockeyApp Application.


Press Create and it is now setup. Data from HockeyApp will automatically export through to Application Insights, normally within a few minutes.

Data Exploring and Retention

You can view and look at the data, by clicking on Analytics. It will open a new window, where you can execute SQL like queries against the data.


The raw data will only be stored here for 7 days, and aggregated data for 90 days. If you want to keep the data longer you can export from Application Insights.


There are 2 main options for exporting against Application Insights. First is the continuous export. It involves the raw data being continuously exported to a file in Azure Storage. The second option is using the API. Using the REST API, you make a call, get the data and then you can store it wherever you want, such as a SQL database.

If you want to use the REST API, have a look at Application Insights REST API.

For any pricing, see the Application Insights Pricing Page.