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Introduction to Q#: Microsoft Quantum Computing

Microsoft released its Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, that lets you perform calculations using Qubits, that can even be done on your local computer, via a simulator. Krysta Svore goes through a video demo, showing some basics of the language and concepts. In this post, I will go through the demo, in the Microsoft Quantum Development […]

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Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework

The Microsoft Bot Framework, is an SDK for building bots. A Bot is an application that automates a response, based on input from an external source such as a person typing. This information comes to the Bot from a Channel. The Bot performs any operations, as instructed, and returns a response. The Azure Bot Service, is […]

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Face Recognition with Azure FaceAPI

Azure Cognitive services offers a way to store a database of known faces, then be able to detect, with a certain confidence level, of whether different faces match any face it has in its database. Create Azure Service First, we need to create the cognitive services account, via the Azure Portal. Currently they support a […]

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Creating an API on Azure

One of the most common infrastructure components, when dealing with a mobile app, is to have an API. An API will provide information to your mobile app, while communicating with your local database or resources. Think of the API as an intermediate between your mobile app and your server based resources, providing a single point of access. […]

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JWT Authentication in WebAPI

While there are many 3rd parties that offer ways to handle your authentication, you often come into the situation, where you need to authenticate a user based off a username and password you store yourself. For this scenario, I am going to go through sending the username and password to your API, and returning a […]

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Creating SQL Azure Database

SQL Azure is a fully managed and hosted MS SQL database, with a few differences. It allows you to access and create databases on your own SQL server. While you may be sharing resources, you won’t be sharing a SQL Server instance. SQL Azure is a great relational database, perfect for any Azure cloud hosted […]

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Azure Functions

Azure Functions are one of those technologies you don’t know you want, until you use it. They allow you to run C# or JavaScript, based on a trigger or event. It has no UI, just a log output, and is ideal for running reoccurring jobs, but didn’t want to setup a server to do it. […]

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Language Understanding Intelligent Service

Azure’s Language Understanding Intelligence Service, a.k.a LUIS, lets you understand phrases given by users, or as LUIS refers to them, an utterance. This utterance is translated into an intent and entity. An intent is what they want to do, an entity is what you are referring the intent to. A simple overview of what LUIS […]

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Application Insights HockeyApp Bridge

If you use HockeyApp, you can record telemetry via the HockeyApp SDK. However the crashes and events collected aren’t much use locked up in HockeyApp, they could be put to much better use in Azure Application Insights. A full blown analytics platform, with its own explorer and ability to export the data. If you want to […]

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